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Like a piece of modern art, this table's clear tempered round glass top provides a stunning visual from all angles; viewed from the side, the off-set, finger-like supports form the sculptural base; from a bird's eye-view through the glass top, the stainless base creates a contemporary starburst shape that give you plenty to enjoy during your dining experience
$1518 $752
50 % OFF
The strong Persian influence is immediately recognizable in this hand-made design that features a geometric pattern in versatile colors
$2044 $511
75 % OFF
Equally at home in casual, contemporary or traditional settings, add style to any space with this flatweave design featuring a Greek key inspired motif
$1458 $539
63 % OFF
Add rich color and global appeal to any space with this authentic Persian rug representing some of the finest and best looking rugs produced in Iran
$6255 $1643
73 % OFF
Exclusive for MyHabit, add a truly one-of-a-kind look to any space with this handwoven cowhide rug with a bold geometric pattern and polyester felt backing
$1776 $578
67 % OFF
Presenting an intricate design in rich hues, this runner will add a unique look to any hallway or entryway
$7696 $1718
77 % OFF
The rug that puts the fab in fabulous; new and innovative techniques for a flatweave rug, this piece features beautiful ombre colorations and trendy geometric prints; each rug is handmade in India of 100% wool and is 100% reversible for years of enjoyment and durability
$1537 $530
65 % OFF
Featuring beautiful motifs influenced by décor from all over the world, this rug is hand-tufted in India from the very finest wool, to achieve today’s hottest worldly designs and patterns
$1998 $692
65 % OFF
For a fresh look that is clean and soothing, this design, handmade of basket-woven felted New Zealand wool, is ideal for both transitional and contemporary settings
$2259 $512
77 % OFF
Hand-tufted, this finely designed hand-dyed rug features a worldly-inspired traditional pattern in rich hues
$1849 $710
61 % OFF
Fashioning a flawless coalescing of texture and trend, this handwoven rug featuring a geometric pattern paired perfectly with a captivating color palette will add a sense of sophistication and trend worthy charm to your space
$2613 $601
76 % OFF
Hand-knotted, this area rug fresh in design and concept featuring a breathtakingly intricate Ikat pattern in unusual hues is the perfect epitome of refined taste and luxury
$7829 $2447
68 % OFF
Unique design with a classic pattern adds a traditional touch to any home
$9000 $2249
75 % OFF
Hand-crafted with hair on hide, the raised texture and unique pattern of this design will redefine your space with a sense of truly striking sophistication
$4488 $1031
77 % OFF
Hide construction in a mesmerizing patchwork pattern will incorporate a chic, classic look into your home
$2310 $515
77 % OFF
The strong Persian influence is immediately recognizable in this design that features a striking and majestic geometric Serapi pattern reminiscent of the older Persian Heriz rugs; a versatile palette of strong hues and rich tones blends well with traditional and modern elements to embody elegance and sophistication
$2187 $624
71 % OFF
Add pattern and style to your décor with this hand-crafted rug made from 4" square natural cowhide pieces stitched together; each rug is truly unique and sizing and color variations may occur
$2499 $655
73 % OFF
Beautifully crafted, add statement-making style to any space with this hand-crafted rug made from individually selected natural cowhide pieces stitched together; each rug is truly unique and sizing and color variations may occur
$2199 $594
72 % OFF
This hand-knotted rug was made by the finest craftsmen and dyed over revealing a vibrant splash of color creating a truly unique masterpiece
$6809 $1196
82 % OFF
This stunning Moroccan shawl rug is made from capes used by the Berbers of the Atlas mountains during wedding ceremonies
$5019 $931
81 % OFF
Ethnic design and tedious craftsmanship come together in this rug that blends with both contemporary and traditional settings
$7399 $1284
82 % OFF
This heirloom quality area rug inspired by 17th century Persian masterpieces has been hand-woven and then washed and dried in the sun giving it its authentic soft subdued tones and muted colors
$3339 $1107
66 % OFF
Add a classic look to any interior with this authentic, hand-knotted rug infused with rich color
$11349 $1702
85 % OFF
Inspired by Persian motifs, add a touch of elegance to any room with this hand-knotted, one-of-a-kind rug that's sure to make a statement with its unique pattern and impressive design
$3379 $507
84 % OFF
Classic design gets a unique spin with this one-of-a-kind, hand-knotted rug, which is sure to leave an impression on any space
$4609 $721
84 % OFF